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We offer textures with an image of the slab with approximate dimensions of 3 x 1.8 meters. In addition, our PBR textures have images of texture, roughness, normal maps, metalness, and displacement to ensure a more realistic rendering of the material that can be used in various programs such as Sketchup, 3ds Max, Blender, Enscape, and others.

IMPORTANT: To achieve the best real-size texturing, resizing all textures to match the slab’s dimensions is essential.

Kamaricá - Textura
  • Version Textura e PBR
  • Download 27
  • File Size 52.07 MB
  • File Count 13
  • Create Date 25 de November de 2020
  • Last Updated 14 de November de 2023

Kamaricá - Textura


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