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Azul Imperial has strong physical characteristics, together with the beautiful aesthetic qualities, allowing designers and architects worldwide to utilize a multitude of color combinations from residential household kitchens to large commercial projects.


For Designers and Architects

Azul Imperial is one of the rare stones to have a Dumortierite deposit. This mineral of aluminium boro-silicate is responsible for giving the stone its vivid blue hues.

Water Absorption (%) 0,09
Apparent Dry Density (g/cm³) 2,652
Compressive Strength (N) 3355
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 22,7
Abrasion Strength (cm³/cm²)

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3D/AR View

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Azul Imperial is a quartzite coming from the depths of Brazil. Located to the south of the village Oliveira dos Brejinhos in Brazilian state of Bahia, this metamorphic rock Originated from a quartz rich sandstone 1.2 bilion years ago. Over time, heat and pressure converted this Precambrian stone into the beautiful quartzite as we know it now.

Quartz | +/-92%



It is the “shiny” surface that results in the plate when receiving the complete finish, that is, until the last grain. Depending on its composition, the polished material may have a higher or lower brightness intensity.


It is the resultant surface in the sheet when it receives roughing treatment performed by steel brushes or synthetic materials. Different brushing models can be executed, with greater roughness, medium and few.

Soft Leather

It is the resultant surface in the sheet when it receives roughing treatment performed by steel brushes or synthetic materials. Depending on the type of brushes used you can still reproduce in some materials a surface with a design similar to natural leather.


It is the resultant surface in the plate when it receives heat treatment (burned with torch specially developed for the function) that takes out small flakes of the same, making the surface slightly irregular producing the impression that it is rustic.

Water Jet

It is the resulting surface in the sheet when it receives roughing treatment carried out by a high-pressure water jet. It is basically made of sheets from the looms because in these the pressurized water finds penetration points in the plate to loosen the scales of the sawn surface.

Other materials

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